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The Stunning medical Dip.io app.

A home urine-testing kit created by Tel Aviv-based Healthy.io by the name Dip.io is the very first smartphone-based app system to receive approval from the US Food and Drug Administration as a Class II clinical-grade diagnostic device. This was after a prior trial that took into almost a thousand people in the US, that was conducted by Healthy.io along with the National Kidney Foundation as well as health-care provider Geisinger, that determined a similar 72% compliance rate and showed popular with patients.
Therefore, following this app's success through various tests, the Healthy.io has a motive of passing the system across the NHS, after which it will be extended to hypertension and maternity care patients.
The Dip.io will highly save on the lives and resources of millions of laboratory urine tests that are done annually for patients at risks of kidney failure, pregnant women and other victims of tract infections. The expensive test that could only be done after visiting the physician and waiting for results for 3 days now will cheaply be done using smartphones which are quick, and at the convenience of people at their homes.
This system makes use of a standard smartphone camera alongside a dipstick for urine tests that identify ten individual signs of disease, infection or pregnancy-related problems. The patient thus has to take a photo-camera of the dipstick against a color card. The app then, using machine learning, and considering the camera type and lighting conditions, correct the color. The app hence provides an instant analysis compared to the manual laboratory test that gives results after three days.

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