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Samsung on a blockchain project.

Quite amusing, the South Korean company is unbelievably building its own Ethereum-based blockchain. According to the sources within the company, this project is an experimental project in a bid for the company to launch its own token upon its success.
The company took to this project just after the launch of their newest smartphone Version-Samsung Galaxy S10, which is considered as the worlds' top-ranked smartphone in the market. This phone (Samsung Galaxy S10) was calculatedly packed with a cryptocurrency software wallet that houses private cryptographic keys compatible with Ethereum-based tokens. A remarkable consideration is that the Galaxy S10 will also support blockchain-based or decentralized applications, which are normally identified as "dapps." It's thus clear that the South Korean company is likely to venture into the blockchain game itself.
Samsung creating its own cryptocurrency means that it's likely to join the list of ever-growing large corporations into the same business. These corporations, however, are not other than Facebook, Japan's biggest bank, MUFG, Japan's messaging service Line, and JPMorgan.
It's however important noting that with Samsung's Galaxy S10 brand that has blockchain compatible features, this movement has greater probability of making through with a big number of cryptocurrency acceptance, since this brand of phone has more than forty million users; a property that puts the company in the forefront of making it through this project.

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