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Galaxy Note 10's Unpacked event is less than two weeks away and as expected more Note 10 information is coming out with each passing day. Today we have new info that says the camera of the Note 10 will see an improvement when it comes to the telephoto lens.

You see, Samsung has been using an f2.4 telephoto lens all these years.The Galaxy S10 family also had the same f2.4 lens but with the Note 10, Samsung is going to use an f2.1 lens which will surely help you take better pictures in low light conditions even when you're using the 2 times zoom camera or popularly known as the telephoto lens. Not only that, the Note 10 will also have the three-stage aperture camera of f/2.4, f/1.8 and f/1.5. The S10 has a two-stage aperture lens, by the way. So the third one will help you take better photos in intermediate use cases when there isn't enough light but it's not very dark either. Say in the evening during sunset.

By the way, Samsung has issued an update to their flagships where now you can take portrait photos using the 2x zoom camera as well. So this new f/2.1 aperture will surely make things even better. So remember a few days ago when Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 855+ a beefed-up version of the 855, I told you guys that the Galaxy Note 10 will have this new chipset. But a lot of people including a couple of reputed leakers said it's not happening. They said the Note 10 will only have the Snapdragon 855 and I felt so bad because I hyped you up for no reason and put out false information there but thankfully, it looks like I got it right in the first place. Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ will indeed have the latest Snapdragon 855+. Evan Blass, arguably the biggest name when it comes to smartphone leaks tweeted out the specs of the Galaxy Note 10. And he says both the Note 10 models will have this overclocked version of the 855. This would mean the Note 10 will get a performance boost compared to the S10 and gaming experience will be better.

But since Qualcomm has made no improvements to the efficiency of the chipset, we'll have to wait and see how it's going to affect the battery life. In any case, both the models are coming with the latest chipset. So yeah... All these days we were told only the Note 10+ will support the 45W fast charging and the regular Note 10 won't.. But it looks like it wasn't true.

Both the Note 10 models will support the new 45W fast charging speeds. Evan Blass as well as Onleaks tweeted out the specs of the handset and said both the Note 10 models have the support for 45W fast charging, which is great news. But still, you need to buy the 45W charging head separately. Samsung will only provide the 25W charger inside the box which is still an improvement compared to the 15W charger that we get with the S10. And if you're wondering how much you need to pay for the charger, it's 50 Euros. Also, there is a rumor that the Note 10 will feature a night mode on the front camera as well. Which will be amazing if true. Samsung has gotten really better at night mode ever since they launched it first with the S10 back in February. So the next logical step is to include it at the front camera and it makes a lot of sense since selfies are popular as ever and people actually need something like this since there isn't a flash upfront and at low light the pictures taken from the front camera sucks so the night mode will be a great useful feature on the front camera. But again, not really sure about the authenticity of this news so yeah, With that being said, we're less than two weeks away from the Note 10 launch so consider subscribing for all the Note 10 coverage and as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out! 

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