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The Samsung Galaxy S10.

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In reality, this phone is considered the best smartphone in the market at the moment. This Korean based company product not only uses the 5G network but has numerous other features in addition to this. In this article, we're going to look at the two major features that make this brand of the phone the top among other phones. These include ToF sensors and the improvements in the camera and the video software.

The Samsung quick Measure App.

This is the most impressive app the world has ever seen. It's an AR-based ruler app that uses the ToF sensors to find the size of the objects. From the foregoing, Google had made a similar but with various shortcomings, it required only leveled surfaces and times fail to identify the objects to be measured. The major disadvantage of the Google AR-based ruler app is that it gives an approximate value of figures or dimensions measured instead of providing the precise value of the same.

In precise, thanks for the Samsung company for coming up with a similar but more reliable up that gives the accurate value of figures using the listed amount of time. To add on the above, this app also converts calculated values according to user's desire just in one click.

The only drawback of this app is that it only operates on Samsung S10, excluding other numerous phones and other smartphones. Follow our next article for a detailed description of the improved Samsung camera/video software.

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