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Stunning features you need to know about LG G8 ThinQ.

The smartphone world companies have never stopped astonishing the world with constant groundbreaking discoveries. Among these companies is the LG company, which has opted not to be left behind and to shake the world with amazing and incredible technological discoveries.

Among these discoveries include; a unique OLED screen that poses wonderful clarity, perfect contrast, and an eye capturing color. Alongside above, is the unbelievable sound improvements which are actually at the verge of turning the screen into some sort of a speaker, inclusive of all these is also the impossible initializing security for this device's access.

Below are some of the descriptions of these LG innovations:

· The OLED screen.

Watching through the LG G8 ThinQ has been made enjoyable, for it's through the most vibrant color, the best contrast, and of great clarity using the device's FullVision OLED display.

· The Quick quality (ToF) rear camera.

The new LG device is equipped with Time of Flight (ToF) sensor and Infineon's Real3 image sensor chip which gives out a greater selfie and general photo-taking experience by delivering the best quality photos with soft-incredible backgrounds.

· The Screen speaker.

To increase the surface area of sound production, LG has successfully innovated the whole screen display to serve in sound production. This incredible innovation ensures no struggle during phone calls by directing the sound towards the ear, while listening to music and watching movies is in a greater multimedia experience.

· Authentication Technologies.

Security access check-up or authentication in an LG device has been improved to among the best, and only the owner of the phone can unlock his/her device using; a 3D face unlock, fingerprint ID, and hand ID.

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