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Is the new unveiled foldable Samsung brand a scum?

Sounding awkward and amusing as it may seem, it's the roaring mix of thoughts among the Samsung's customers after the company launched the hiking new foldable brand of smartphone last month. The South Korean company not only surprised its customers, but also left them with lots of questions on what the company was after by launching an almost $2000 worth phone.
With this, it's obvious that everyone; both Samsung customers and non-customers would love to get the clinch of possible properties of this new brand of phone. Below are some of the properties of this hotcake brand in the market:
Foldable Screen.
According to the Korean company, the idea behind this design is to cab the multifunctional purpose of the phone. This is to increase the use of the device among the numerous tasks required such as watching movies or TV shows on You Tube and Netflix, Viewing photos on Instagram and other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Hence their customers can have all these in a slight bigger screen which they can carry around as they carry out their duties.
Good cameras, secured and Good Battery.
On the right side of the device lies the fingerprint scanner which can be used it's opened or closed.
The device has an unbelievable number of cameras which ranges up to six; Three camera lenses on the front, one at the cover nearing to the second screen, as well as other two inside cameras inclusive of a selfie camera.
Nevertheless, the device additionally has its battery divided in two; each of the two panels having its own. Hence the device can charge other wireless devices like wireless earphones.
Desirable Size.
Despite content of the numerous properties, Samsung device has an impressively 2.5 inches wide and 6.3 inches long, and it's therefore convenient to comfortably carry around.

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